I'm a published writer and momma who often procrastinates by watching Korean dramas a little too much. As a serial K-drama lover, I boast almost 20 years of Korean drama watching, thinking and analyzing since Feelings (느낌) in 1994. 

Over time, I realized I'll probably never stop watching Korean dramas until I'm a grandma, so why not combine the two things I love most- and write about Korean dramas?

My love for Korean dramas go waaayy back. As a teenager, I fell asleep listening to OST tapes (Yes, tapes. A Wish Upon A Star in 97 had the best soundtrack) and waited painstakingly and patiently every week for a new video to come out at the local Korean video store (yes, these stores used to exist and were indeed, very popular before the days of internet and subbers).

Fast forward many years, I still find myself researching and watching Korean dramas during every free time I have. I no longer have the luxury of watching more than one drama at once (I have kids and a day job), so I choose my K-dramas more carefully and selectively.

I don't select my dramas based on ratings alone. In fact, I find that there are so many hidden gems that go under the radar in the Korean drama world. I know K-dramas are largely based on personal taste, but what I look for is unique storyline, a good cast, and healthy dose of emotional stimulus. Not the corny, predictable kind, but the profound, nostalgic and soulful kind. And honestly, what are Korean dramas without them, right? ;) 

The Hallyu wave brought global popularity to many K-pop idol stars and celebrities worldwide which I love, but at times I find myself realizing I've outgrown some of its content. For example, I find myself not being able to relate to some of the new High school dramas and stories of teenagers--although certain ones will always be a timeless classic regardless of age, such as Stairway to Heaven, Winter Sonata, Secret Garden, The Heirs, and My Love from Another Star.

So here I am, on Kdramamomma.com, writing about my ongoing journey as a K-drama lover who is constantly looking for that "one drama" that is worth my viewing time.  I hope you enjoy my reviews and personal reflections and it is my wish that my blog can shed some light for your personal K-drama viewing enjoyment (or addiction). 

I'm so glad you're here. Leave a comment or feedback if you like my reviews so I can continue to write more!